License Plate Recognition: Office of Parking Operations: Indiana University Bloomington

Parking and Transportation have now implemented regulations which will ensure accurate calculation of lot occupancy and permit utilization. Students are no longer issued parking decals and hang tags for faculty/staff will be used for gate entrance only. Your license plate has become your parking permit, therefore backing into or pulling thru parking spaces is no longer allowed making your license plate visible at all times.
Secondary permits such as the service vehicle and reserved should be displayed as usual. Current parking rules for use of secondary permits will not change. Protocol for visitors displaying a visitor permit or parking in designated visitor locations will not change. Tannery Creek is very flexible with integrations and we are sensitive to our customers’ needs.
If you would like to pay by cash or check, you will have to come to our office. All parking privileges remain the same and are based on your virtual permit type. For example, every tenant’s vehicle must be manually registered and added to the database. This can be a lot of responsibility even if it proves to be a useful system. Through lpr parking solutions of LPR, authorized parkers can enter and exit as soon as they pull up to the gate.
The whole process is completed automatically without staff intervention. The technology that goes into our homes, vehicles and everyday lives continue to evolve over time. We now have the opportunity to add a new layer of convenience and security with the introduction of license plate recognition parking systems .
You will still be able to purchase a parking permit online, but your permit will be virtual. IUPUI campus parking privileges are available on the Intercampus Parking page. Please continue to display your parking permit while parking at IUPUI. We recognize that this technology will have a learning curve for our community. Beginning in January 2023, we will place reminders on vehicles whose plates are not registered in the system with information on how to register that vehicle. LPR program implementation is expected to progress through multiple phases over the next 3-5 years.